Know More About Blogs

A blog is an informational site consisting of distinct posts published on the World Wide Web. The most recent posts appear first followed by the other posts. Until 2009 they usually cover posts of a single person or a small group but nowadays they are done by large group of people or authors and are known as Multi Author Blogs (MABs). The posts are written by number of writers, then they are professionally edited and post that published. Some blogs are interactive and allow the visitors to leave the comment for their posts. The visitors can even ask questions to clear if any doubts. Many blogs are specific and provides only the specific information. There are infinite numbers of blogs presently available.

A typical blog is the one in which the posts are published in such a way it combines the text descriptions along with the image and links which connects other blogs or websites . Many blogs afford comments only on a particular subject; others purpose as more individual online diaries.

Some other blogs work for advertising purpose of online brands of a particular company. There are different types of blogs and they can be differentiated based on the information they publish. Some blogs publish only the art information and they are known as art blogs, some focus on photographs and known as photo blogs. Some blogs contain the video information and known as video blogs and the one with music is known as MP3 blogs and some with the information about technology and IT is known as tech blogs. The micro blogging is on another type and it features with very short posts. The blogs with educational information are known as edu blogs and they act as instructional resources.

The Technology blogs publish news, dealings, rumour that is related to the Information Technology and Tech Blog are frequently updated many times a day. One can know more about the happenings in the technology by visiting these blogs daily. These blogs are often visited by more than 100,000 IT-related professionals, CEO’s, CFO’s, CIO’s, MIS directors, programmers, software engineers, IT managers, Web marketers, hardware technicians, journalists and Internet professionals. Some of the best technology blogs are as follows.


Techcrunch is one of well known and worlds best technology blog. They give information about reviews new tech products, tech start-ups, breaking tech news. This blog was found in 2005 and grown up in a very little period of time and now it is widely read blog.


Mashable is the foremost one for social Medias like Face book, entertainment news, Twitter, news, and everything else related to technology. This blog was founded by Pete cashmore.


The CNET is the only blog which is unbeatable in giving information about a mobile phone, application or software. One of the most accepted technology blogs in the world and broadly followed. CNET is also known for its product review articles.

The Verge: 

It is founded very recently in 2011 and reached its popularity in a very short period. They aim to offer in-depth reporting, breaking news about tech products and other such things.


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