Android Fulfilling Our Lifestyles

Android apps cover almost all the field explored by developers, ever since it was launched in October 2008. Statistics reveal an astonishing figure that the primary app store of Android, found from Google play, is 25 billion. A product of Google from 2005, it can be exclusively used by any one from device manufacturers to eager developers as well as wireless carriers. Though Android apps are meant for phones and tablets, ingenuity has taken it to televisions, digital cameras and other high-tech electronics. Enjoying a market share of 64%, 48 billion apps have been utilized from the Google Play Store.

It follows Java language and is customized towards approval by countries concerned. It uses specific kit known as Android software development. This comprises of debugger, handset emulator, software libraries etc. Even a programmer who is a novice can develop and improve with the help of Google App Inventor.

All Android instruments and apps are friendly towards electricity consumption. RAM keeps the consumption of power to minimum. If these Apps are not in use, it automatically suspends the memory, thus consuming NIL battery or processing power. When energy is in premium, this will be handy. One more favorable aspect of apps is that the system will select inactive apps and eliminates them, so that the memory is maintained at a reasonable level. Google Play and the Amazon App store provide apps aplenty. If a device can be compatible to Google’s requirements, then any third party developer can update apps. When the app selects the exact application suitable for user’s device, one can download the same. There is an option too that any unwanted apps can be refunded within the stipulated time of 15 minutes from the time of downloading. The apps for Android are totally successful in smart phones; but towards tablets, it was lukewarm. However when Nexus 7 was released during 2012, the situation changed dramatically and better tablet apps encouraged and developed by Google set the tone for increasing the market share of Android tablet considerably, overtaking iPad.

Because of the openness and adoptable nature of these programs, it has found its way to many electronics, laptops, notebooks, smart TVs as well as cameras. Even wristwatches, CD and DVD players, headphones, voice over IP phones, landlines etc. employ these features. Google is now contemplating usage of cloud services and drive the Google products direct to the customer’s homes.

Avail Android Apps and Employ successfully all apps for Android.

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