Know More About Blogs

A blog is an informational site consisting of distinct posts published on the World Wide Web. The most recent posts appear first followed by the other posts. Until 2009 they usually cover posts of a single person or a small group but nowadays they are done by large group of people or authors and are known as Multi Author Blogs (MABs). The posts are written by number of writers, then they are professionally edited and post that published. Some blogs are interactive and allow the visitors to leave the comment for their posts. The visitors can even ask questions to clear if any doubts. Many blogs are specific and provides only the specific information. There are infinite numbers of blogs presently available.

A typical blog is the one in which the posts are published in such a way it combines the text descriptions along with the image and links which connects other blogs or websites . Many blogs afford comments only on a particular subject; others purpose as more individual online diaries.

Some other blogs work for advertising purpose of online brands of a particular company. There are different types of blogs and they can be differentiated based on the information they publish. Some blogs publish only the art information and they are known as art blogs, some focus on photographs and known as photo blogs. Some blogs contain the video information and known as video blogs and the one with music is known as MP3 blogs and some with the information about technology and IT is known as tech blogs. The micro blogging is on another type and it features with very short posts. The blogs with educational information are known as edu blogs and they act as instructional resources.

The Technology blogs publish news, dealings, rumour that is related to the Information Technology and Tech Blog are frequently updated many times a day. One can know more about the happenings in the technology by visiting these blogs daily. These blogs are often visited by more than 100,000 IT-related professionals, CEO’s, CFO’s, CIO’s, MIS directors, programmers, software engineers, IT managers, Web marketers, hardware technicians, journalists and Internet professionals. Some of the best technology blogs are as follows.


Techcrunch is one of well known and worlds best technology blog. They give information about reviews new tech products, tech start-ups, breaking tech news. This blog was found in 2005 and grown up in a very little period of time and now it is widely read blog.


Mashable is the foremost one for social Medias like Face book, entertainment news, Twitter, news, and everything else related to technology. This blog was founded by Pete cashmore.


The CNET is the only blog which is unbeatable in giving information about a mobile phone, application or software. One of the most accepted technology blogs in the world and broadly followed. CNET is also known for its product review articles.

The Verge: 

It is founded very recently in 2011 and reached its popularity in a very short period. They aim to offer in-depth reporting, breaking news about tech products and other such things.


How to Earn Extras?

Money is one of the most important needs for all. Without money nothing will move and happen. Many people apart from going to steady work, they try to do some side businesses or something like that to increase their income. There are many ways to make money. Some may be achieved by many and some may be achieved by only a few. But how to make money in a simple way, here are the tips to make money. There are many fraudulent websites who will gain something from our investment but we only loose. So be careful and don’t sign up with these websites.

Online surveys:

Many companies are offering the online survey opportunity to the public, this is done by them to know more about the products, know about the feedbacks and for many other purposes. You can simply register and sign up with them. They will send you surveys via mail and you have to answer the questions in the genuine way. They will give you rewards in the form of gift vouchers or send money via PayPal after they reach the valuable amount. You can’t say that you can become rich by this but you can gain something.

Start a website or blog:

The online website is a good idea and will give money if you work hard. The site will achieve only if your topics are interesting and written by dedicative and hard working writers. SEO content optimization is the main factor that makes your content to gain money. The SEO content is the one written based on the keywords. If your blog is good then you can receive money through advertisements also.

Try share marketing:

The share or stock marketing is the one which can be started by opening a demat account and trading account. Follow the stocks for a week and gain knowledge before investing directly. Be conscious about investing in the right stocks and sell those at the right time. Some prefer long term investment and some medium term and short term investment. Some may be a trader and some may be intraday trader. Follow the stocks you invested carefully and sell those stuffs if it reaches the profit of 8 to 10%. That is the good profit. Stock marketing is not that much easy, continues follow up is necessary. If you are dedicative, then you will shine and glow and become rich but if you are careless you will suffer from more losses.

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Mounting Tablet Usage

There is no full stop for the up gradation of technology trends. The technology development will never stop and eventually the usages of the products are also increasing. The technology reviews reveals that at least one in three owns a tablet for their personal or business or entertainment purpose or any other in the U.S.

A tablet computer is a portable computer, well-built than a mobile phone or smart phone and  integrated into a flat touch screen and principally operated by touching the screen than using a physical keyboard. The keyboard often used in the tablet is virtual keyboard that can be enabled when necessary. The screen can be touched with a digital pen also. Mostly the standard tablets do not have any integrated keyboard but it has the facility to connect the keyboard with a wireless link or via USB port. The convertible notebook will have a keyboard that is hidden by slide joint and exposes only the screen for operation of touch. Hybrids, the name itself can say that they have a detachable keyboard.

Tablets are one of the fastest selling products and it has reached to the people within very short period of its invention. The survey conducted by the professionals reveals that approximately 59% of the tablets are used for the personal purposes. The children use them for the entertainment purposes such as playing games, taking photos and many other tasks. These are preferred by people because of its affordable size and can be easily carried anywhere.  

The employees use these tablets for checking emails both personal and official, web browsing, to store the data files and to monitor the social media. It is easy to access to tablets from anywhere and they provide information on the go. Employees are spending about one by third of their total computing time on their tablets, and particularly like the capability to manage email and to take notes. The other things liked by the people are its long battery life and web browsing capacity.

Adults use these tablets mainly for the social media monitoring. Increase in the technology trends make people to contribute more and more to the technology products. Approximately 71% of the students are using the tablets for their studies. They access their text books online and they buy digital books for their studies via Google play. They also use the tablets for accessing the emails, reading books on the go, taking notes and for finishing their assignments.


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Android Fulfilling Our Lifestyles

Android apps cover almost all the field explored by developers, ever since it was launched in October 2008. Statistics reveal an astonishing figure that the primary app store of Android, found from Google play, is 25 billion. A product of Google from 2005, it can be exclusively used by any one from device manufacturers to eager developers as well as wireless carriers. Though Android apps are meant for phones and tablets, ingenuity has taken it to televisions, digital cameras and other high-tech electronics. Enjoying a market share of 64%, 48 billion apps have been utilized from the Google Play Store.

It follows Java language and is customized towards approval by countries concerned. It uses specific kit known as Android software development. This comprises of debugger, handset emulator, software libraries etc. Even a programmer who is a novice can develop and improve with the help of Google App Inventor.

All Android instruments and apps are friendly towards electricity consumption. RAM keeps the consumption of power to minimum. If these Apps are not in use, it automatically suspends the memory, thus consuming NIL battery or processing power. When energy is in premium, this will be handy. One more favorable aspect of apps is that the system will select inactive apps and eliminates them, so that the memory is maintained at a reasonable level. Google Play and the Amazon App store provide apps aplenty. If a device can be compatible to Google’s requirements, then any third party developer can update apps. When the app selects the exact application suitable for user’s device, one can download the same. There is an option too that any unwanted apps can be refunded within the stipulated time of 15 minutes from the time of downloading. The apps for Android are totally successful in smart phones; but towards tablets, it was lukewarm. However when Nexus 7 was released during 2012, the situation changed dramatically and better tablet apps encouraged and developed by Google set the tone for increasing the market share of Android tablet considerably, overtaking iPad.

Because of the openness and adoptable nature of these programs, it has found its way to many electronics, laptops, notebooks, smart TVs as well as cameras. Even wristwatches, CD and DVD players, headphones, voice over IP phones, landlines etc. employ these features. Google is now contemplating usage of cloud services and drive the Google products direct to the customer’s homes.

Avail Android Apps and Employ successfully all apps for Android.

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Benefits Of Online Internet Marketing

Many people want to grow their business in all over the world. For that, they have to rely on companies for marketing. If you also do the same thing then you do not have to rely on the companies to charge more during the procedure. When you get into internet marketing then you have to think like a business person not as a worker. You want to make as much money as possible even when you are not working. Some ways are there to make a monthly passive income. If you build a website, build an audience and you have a little patience then you can make more money than you could ever make working for someone else. More and more business is steering their ad campaigns toward online marketing. Few of these entered the online market as businesses wishing to extend their target customers. Others entered the marketplace exclusively as an online business.

Below are mentioned some of the benefits of internet marketing:-

An Easier Way to Globalization

Many businesspersons want to extend their markets once they have reached a certain market share in their local market. Successful businesspersons wish to establish a presence, in global markets. With the arrival of internet marketing, reaching global markets is not that tough. Simple website techniques adaptation can help the existence of your websites to more location. This sometimes means translating the website into a several language. Many times, it includes modifications for culture and interest. Exposure is automatically global in any case through the internet.

Keep Marketing Fresh

Even though branding needs to last a long time, web page, which supports that branding, should refresh regularly, in order to prevent the stagnation of an ad campaign. The website owner should focus on producing a steady stream of content writers for their websites. Their customers will be delighted to find something innovative, interesting, and helpful on subsequent visits to an online website.

Make Ad Changes Instantaneously        

When a business makes changes to its marketing operation, the cost of changing existing advertising can be important. One of the main changes is to rebrand the company or a product, which often includes changing logos. This can involve redistributing print media and redesigning. This can also lead to changing the signature or logo for the webpage locations.

Other Ad Revenue

Many website owners allow Google Ads and other internet marketing websites to share their website. Internet marketing that took benefit of third party ads realized similar gains.


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